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Program restaurant: 07:00 - 22:00

We combine innovation
and tradition in a
fine-dinning restaurant


Our story

The concept of the restaurant is based on the experience lived in a modern and elegant space, where we can benefit from delicious dishes and live music. We want to offer you unique emotions and an unparalleled gastronomic experience, so we are fully involved in the services we offer.


Flavor, taste and passion are the ingredients we use in creating the most appreciated dishes. Do you want to live an unforgettable culinary experience? We invite you in our à la carte restaurant to enjoy an infusion of flavors and tastes and to delight all your senses.

Our recomandations

Buratta with prosciutto crudo - 400 g - 59 lei

Burrata, prosciutto crudo, cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce, arugula and basil oil infusion, fresh arugula

Nutty Caesar creveți sau pui - 450 g - 46 lei

Salată iceberg, bacon, piept de pui sau creveţi(pd), parmezan, sos Caesar, crutoane, mix de seminţe

“The Boss is Back” - 450 g - 48 lei

Chiflă de casă, vită Angus tocată, brânză cheddar, brânză emmentaler, castraveți, caramelizată, ciuperci, castraveți murați, roșii, salată iceberg, castraveți murați, jalapeno, cremă de unt, sos Barbeque, sos White River) salată verde, inele de ceapă pane, ardel copt, sos dulce acrișor, ketchup

Don Stefano - 450 g - 42 lei

Aluat proaspăt napoletan, sos de roșii, mozzarella di bufala, prosciutto crudo, ricottata

Lava cake - 125 g - 27 lei

Carefully selected wines

Intensifică aromele cu vinul potrivit, alb, roșu sau rosé! Specialiștii noștri somelieri îți vor recomanda vinul care să accentueze gustul preparatelor gătite cu multă pasiune, cu note florale sau de fructe, în funcție de preferințe și compatibilitatea dintre arome.

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8 March 2022



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Excellent food, very well mannered staff and a pleasant atmosphere! I recommend to everyone!
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The best salads so far! And the extremely nice staff!
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Very good food, very pleasant atmosphere. Breakfast served as a buffet has many options, including local products. Exemplary restaurant and reception staff. Well done, Suceava! I highly recommend!
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Spacious and elegant; special menus for organized events, polite and welcoming staff.
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The staff is superb! Very kind, with a lot of common sense and always prompt. the food is delicious! Absolutely gorgeous place! Congratulations everyone!
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A perfect culinary experience, taste and refinement on the plate! Creation. Affordable prices. Passion. Selected drinks. Fascinating, sweet and unique desserts. Well mannered staff and impeccable service. I recommend Don Stefano